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I like how when I log into here I have that notifications in the upper right corner of the screen - and it says (some number)watches.
like how cool it would be if you could get an ACTUAL watch to put on your hand- you know the one that tells time. like a rolex or something 
and I would keep the best one to myself and I would give a few others to my family and the rest I would sell and live off of that like a king.
that would be cool.
ok that was very random but I kinda thought now that I had that idea it would be good to share. you know
I dont know what to do with this anymore. its been long time since I left this account. it was just yesterday that I  maybe got a little nostalgic,when I remembered what I used to have here.
now,connections with people- broken, people who ''watch'' are just a mere number, their names dont really ring a bell,well most of, some still do.
maybe I will try to salvage whats left from this account in the future days. I dont know if anybody reads this or not but send me a note if anyone still wants to talk.
dont expect seeing stuff happening here.
but hey like someone gives a shit anyways.
thanks for not giving a shit about my birthday
I am quickly losing interest in managing this account.
maybe I will change my mind later.
this is like deviant art got very predictable,in a bad way.
I think I have come to the point where you cant explore this site any further,
the homepage continues to be flooded with plain garbage;mlp trash being every 4th picture,lots of fetish crap,and genuinely low quality stuff in large quantities.
also there is that 'daily deviation' thing that amazes me every way.sometimes I laugh at what people feature.
today  the daily deviation is a close up photo of some wood    - how artistic!
as time goes by I have some doubts:is there any worth in continuing to do what I did all this time,or should I start
doing something really progressive and great and artistic like penis pictures or foot fetish stuff that includes my little pony
wow I bet you would all really enjoy and appreciate that.
-till the next time.
thoughtART is a great idea but it is probably a trick for the 1.4..
But we should still enjoy it to the max. :-)
a few days ago i thought i had reached the bottom of the internet,i thought i discovered every little weird thing around here.
but damn there are mysteries..i didnt believe when some girl claimed shes a witch,and practices magic,the point is you really never know whats standing around the corner,and does light in the fridge turn off when you close the door.dont go ahead of yourselfes as you all including me do,but damn we only do live once so screw it.
remember people,we are living in the best of all possible universes,go and meet the others and the situations and do something for your own good dont just sit around like a bag of shit.
.......thats all for now my friends.
over and out.
i feel good!
i have some great ideas for books and movies etc. i just dont find the time and will to really put it up here.
its mostly because im spending my time away from computer most of this summer but the major thing about me not uploading as much
as i used to upload in the better days is because all of you dont give a shit about it,all my 24 watchers dont give a flying fuck about it.
but im amazed how many people see my journal entries,there can be like hundreds of them yet my pictures get on average 5  views.
i would be content if someone could explain me how there is so much -interest- in my journal and whoever reads them.i would really like to know.
im off now
over and out
guess i found inspiration somewhere over the time i was resting from uploading
so there is a few new pictures i made,i like how i made em..
also drawing on computer made me dislike using pencils,i wish i had a printer so i could
transfer this digital bs into real life,i dont really like digital media its just that i dont have
anything else to work on,and lack the will to change it.ah well i guess im alright with it anyways
im being unhappy with the fact i do not own a decent scanner nor a good camera,therefore i am doomed to creating pictures directly through my computer and ind digital media which i am not a fan of.
over time this is becoming more and more of a pain in the ass because i really wish to post some traditional stuff and the lack of equipment is just making me unable to do that.
although i got to ask myself is it even worth trying because feedback im getting is shit
i wasnt uploading for some time
i know you dont care and all,and there is really nothing much to say in this journal update
which i wrote just because i got tired of seeing that old one which was there for some time,maybe not for
so long time,but for enough time to get me feeling upset just by seeing it.
im quite unhappy with one of my favorite deviants getting his account hacked by a manic ex girlfriend,
and my other favorite deviant being struck by sickness,and my third favorite deviant being absent from here
and unwilling to give any feedback on and off devart.
i hope things go well for them. becoming more and more disappointed in art,therefore im not making much new stuff these days.
well thats it for now,i hope i will be back soon with more good stuff if i get the time and will to make it.

ive been writing in this journal for some time now
and i just want to write a new entry about some interesting stuff that happened to me today and these few days
but i just cant get the words right
so i just might make a picture of what i mean and express myself through pictures this time instead through journal
hey hey people
through this journal update I wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013. to all of my good friends here and everywhere!
lets all enjoy a good new year.


i have been conducting a little experiment with the random deviant button thing
and i have been making statistics about the premium membership users and other normal users on da
..and i have to admit i am very unhappy with the results;
i counted 30 deviants that have shown up on my homepage with their deviation,
it turned out that only 1 out of 30 had premium membership shit paid and the others were here for free
and the thing that got me really disturbed was that before  i made that statistical data i have been using the
random deviant button and i have concluded that 1 out of 6 call it -random- deviants had premium membership
which is 5 times higher number than on devart homepage.
which means that the random deviant thing actually isnt random at all,the damn site purposely gets you to those with
premium membership more times than it should because they are a minority here.
..its all clear now people,deviant art cheats on you and works for the rich only
no one cares about us other users
its only money that counts
quantity over quality!
past few days have been somewhat strange.
i wasnt feeling really happy for no apparent reason
it was probably because i was really bored because nothing basically happened for like 4 weeks;
everything is the same,the weather the temperature,the clouds,the snow,the fog,the colors which all resulted in accumulated boredom which
i think has exploded earlier today or yesterday evening.
..i was inactive around here for a period of time,in terms of not uploading for some time due to lack of inspiration and the mood i mentioned before.
however i started to upload some older paint drawings from a few years back and i have been hoarding them here on this account.
..needless to say i am still pretty much pissed with the lack of comments and general interest of people towards what i do and how i do it around here.
so yeah,these days im basically hoarding some old stuff here and maybe i am going to produce a few new good pieces if i have the time and will to do so.
also i am starting to enjoy pissing of lame people on this sad site and i try to express my opinion more around here which often gives me really bad comments and hate mail which i dont mind because they are all bollocks.
..we will see,holidays are going to come soon and i hope i will have proper good time to rest and to do some good things i like,maybe be more active around here.
thats all for now
no one reads this shit anyways
when its december everything is covered in snow and without color like black and white world
i got nothing to live and nothing to be happy about at this time of the year except for holidays
which last a few days and after that it just continues being shitty.
winters always make me nervous because i always know its not going to get any better till spring.
i dont know
i think that things might turn out either real good or catastrophically bad in a few next days.
ill see.
im becoming angry because the work i put in some of my journal posts just goes unnoticed.
i am thinking of permanently leaving deviant art and maybe joining another page and try some new stuff out on the internet
since my experience here is not good enough for me to put up with it just since people started reporting me for no apparent reason
and the general quality of this site has seriously declined.
i dont know if those journal posts are even worth my time since no one ever reads or comments on them.
thats all for now.